„No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.“


About – Matthias Joos

Hi! My name is Matthias Joos, and it is my mission to accompany people on their way to a more fulfilling life - on the foundation of self-acceptance and inner peace.

As a certified systemic-psychological coach (Integral Systemics, Nuremberg, Vienna & Zurich) and academic humanist, I have been working online and in my office in Küssnacht, Switzerland, for 8 years. In my free time, I find inspiration and fulfilment in mountain climbing and sailing adventures on the sea.

In my current life, I have had to deal with issues such as addiction, loss and the search for meaning. My work with the human consciousness also includes in-depth work with generational trauma and epigenetics.


My coaching combines the insights of my own life, my many years of management experience in business, my academic knowledge in humanities and the power of systemic psychological support. I work with a mixture of sensitivity, determination and courage and sometimes use situation- appropriate provocation to create clarity and provide strong impulses.

It is important and fundamental to me to treat all human beings with respect and mindfulness - and to create a sustainable impact on the clients' life, in the sense of a deep transformation. The pace and depth of the work is always determined by the client's wishes. 

How can I support and accompany you? I look forward to getting to know you!!







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