Mindful and professional 1-to-1 support in a variety of challenging situations - online and live 

In life, we repeatedly come to points that are extremely challenging or overwhelming and that we experience as crises:


Online & Live-Coaching

Partnership problems and break-ups

Burn-out, exhaustion

Illnesses and chronic pain

Depression, lack of meaning

Loss, death and grief

Addiction problems

Abuse, emotional injuries

Internal and external aggression

Generational trauma

If we remove the veil of "inevitable fate" from these struggles and instead see them as an opportunity, then we make the foundation for sustainable personal development. Subconscious patterns often prevent us from recognising the fundamental roots and their solution. 

With systemic-psychological coaching, the causes and corresponding solutions can be clearly recognised, and blockages can be dissolved. This transforms anger, fear and sadness into positive energy. 

Experience has shown that in just one or two sessions, an entirely different perception of the current crisis can be achieved. You can see connections and mechanisms with greater clarity, which leads you from passive suffering to active self-responsibility. With practice, perseverance and humour, you will find your balance in smaller and larger steps and 

your life will feel joyful again.

Inner peace is a matter of remaining mindful of inner transformation processes - similar to learning to play a musical instrument. By activating your inner resources, you can act with strength and clarity - for a successful, meaningful life.

>> I am happy to accompany you in this process. As a certified systemic coach (Integral Systemics, Nuremberg, Vienna & Zurich), I cultivate an interdisciplinary way of thinking and see myself as a generalist with a wide range of approaches - these include counselling therapy, spiritual aspects and bodywork. 

My coaching combines the insights of my own life, my many years of management experience in business and my knowledge of systemic psychological coaching. I work with a mixture of sensitivity, determination and courage and sometimes use situation-appropriate provocation to give strong impulses.

My goal is for you to emerge from your current life crisis, feeling enriched and alive. So that you can enjoy a fulfilled life and lead 

Prices (in CHF)

Online and live coaching sessions can be combined as desired!

Initial consultation: 50.- / 45 minutes

Individual sessions: 270.- / 90 minutes

Package of 10 individual sessions: 2500 for 10 coaching sessions

VIP package: Particularly personalised, long-term support. 30 coaching sessions plus the option to call me directly twice a month in times of need and to chat with me on WhatsApp in general.


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