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  • Activate your inner resources and live within your strength - for a successful, fulfilling life
  • Face your anxieties and difficult emotions - by embracing your shadows
  • Recognise generational trauma and change your epigenetics
  • Free yourself from suppressed feelings that stress your body psychosomatically
  • Come to peace with the here and now - and live harmonic relationships by externalising your self-love


Systemic Coaching Online: Activate Your Inner Resources, Face Anxieties and Generational Trauma - 

to Live a Life Full of Peace and Positive Relationships

Online Therapy: Warm-hearted and with lots of experience, I support you for new strength and clarity in your life - online and on site!

Hi, I'm Matthias Joos, a Swiss systemic-psychological coach and counsellor. If you work with me, you can:


Online and Live Coaching 

In 1:1 coaching sessions, online via Zoom or in my practice in Küssnacht CH, you have my full attention and presence. In this safe space, we look at personal life crises as opportunities. I provide you with sustainable abilities to "aid yourself" - in a warm-hearted, empathetic and non- judgemental way. As a certified systemic-psychological coach, I cultivate an interdisciplinary way of thinking and see myself as a generalist with a wide range of approaches. These include counselling therapy, spiritual aspects as well as energetical bodywork. Instead of superficially pursuing "goals", I go deep to the core with you and give you honest, strong impulses. I look forward to seeing you!

Themenspezifische Kurse

Als zertifizierter systemisch-psychologischer Coach (Integral Systemics, Nürnberg, Wien & Zürich) und langjährig erfahrene Führungskraft gebe ich regelmässige Online- und Live-Kurse. Diese umfassen spezifische Themen wie Ausbildungen & Einführungen für systemische Therapeuten, Kindesverlust oder allgemeine Bewusstseinsförderung. Ich freue mich auf Deine Anmeldung! 

Hello, I am Matthias Joos, a certified systemic-psychological coach and counsellor based in Switzerland. It is my mission to reach and accompany people: On the path to a more liberated existence, without suppressed negative feelings and at peace with the here and now. My professional attitude is open-minded and interdisciplinary.

I work with my clients in a warm-hearted, empathetic way. I have a long life & professional experience, and in my spare time I am a passionate mountaineer and sea sailor.

We are all different waves on an eternal ocean. In my current life, I have already experienced numerous storms and have dealt intensively with topics such as addiction, loss and the search for meaning.

Through this, I have learnt a lot about generational trauma and epigenetics. Would you like to be accompanied on your journey through life and get to know me? 

I look forward to seeing you!

Frequently Asked Questions

I have had negative experiences with coaches. What is different with Matthias?

I'm an experienced counsellor who enjoys coaching people - it's a matter close to my heart. In contrast to goal-orientated coaches, I always try to dig deeper and get to the core - for the sustainable ability to "aid yourself". I am aware that I only ever act as a guide; the transformative power must come from the client themselves. 

Is Matthias the right coach for me and will the coaching really help?

There is an initial consultation to clarify this precisely. This is where we transparently evaluate whether and how we can work together.

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